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GraphQL schema design & review

Put all necessary resources into a single API that will be accessible for any kind of application. 

Improve your GraphQL ecosystem by adopting best practices. Get started with GraphQL in the right way with our development and consulting services.

GraphQL schema review

Case Studies


On-demand urban delivery platform.
GraphQL API on top of microservices architecture.

  • 10+ applications ecosystem

    The platform includes web and mobile applications for customers, riders, restaurants & stores, and administrators. All connected to the single GraphQL API.

  • Fully automated DevOps

    The release process is fully automated and protects from breaking changes in the API.

  • Mobile apps
  • Web app for customers
  • Mobile app for riders
  • Web app for restaurants and stores

GraphQL is the new standard for data fetching and API development

We're here to help you adopt it faster than ever before.

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Our products

Fuji X is a backend-as-a-service platform that lets you get GraphQL API in minutes.

  • Data model
  • Explorer
  • Permissions
  • Data sources
  • Project settings
  • Deployments

    Define data models and get API with all CRUD operations and real-time subscriptions.

  • Access Control

    Configure authentification provider and set access control rules.

Development services

Learn more about the technologies we're using.

Our stack is JavaScript/TypeScript based — that allows us to reduce development time by reusing code accros platforms.

Get quality product delivered, on time and on budget

  • Regular communication

  • Experienced team

  • Well-written code

  • Automated processes

  • Documentation

  • Reporting

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